Accurate Account Services

About: Traci Zawlocki, EA

Personal Comments:
I consider accounting and tax knowledge to be the basic "nuts and bolts" foundation in the language of business, although both subjects can be somewhat lacking in excitment factor...

It's the application of that knowledge; planning, implementing, and measuring the success or failure in real life that has attracted me to the field.  I find myself always pushing forward to learn and apply new knowledge.

The core of my business is meeting and working with other like minded individuals who want to be successful at what they do.


Graduate of Bremerton High School
Associates in Technical Arts, Olympic College - Accounting
Associates in Technical Arts, Olympic College - Management
Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting, City University of Seattle
Bachelor of Science, City University of Seattle - Accounting

Memberships and Affiliations:
Enrolled Agent
Authorized IRS E-Filer
Washington State Notary Public


I'll tell you exactly what I think about stuff so you can evaluate whether you want to work with me right from the start.

If you're in business, you need a set of books and records. It's not cheap, or easy. If you aren't a trained accountant, you need someone who knows what they're doing to take care of this for you.

Yeah, I know you have QuickBooks, but that's a TOOL. You need someone who understands how to use the tool correctly.

Keeping a set of books and records is not just accurately recording transactions, you need to file all your paperwork in some reasonable order, and be able to retreive any of it when requested. Different federal and state agencies can and probably will request it at some point, and you must be able to produce it. It's a big red flag to not be able to do this.

You must also keep current on your business obligations. Get and keep current the proper licenses, get insurance, make required reports, pay taxes due. That's your responsibility as a business owner. If it comes time to make a tax payment and you don't have the ability to do so, you are doing something wrong! Especially if we're talking about sales or payroll tax. Those taxes are trust funds. You collect and remit that money. You never owned it, and it was not yours to spend.

An excellent resource is the book, "Small Business Taxes Made Easy" by Eva Rosenberg. It's not just about taxes, but a concise guide to what you need to be doing as a small business owner.