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Traci Zawlocki, EA
Taxes & Accounting - Individual, Corporate, Nonprofit

Bet you're wondering...  What the heck is an "EA"?

An Enrolled Agent is a person who has earned the privilege of practicing, that is, representing taxpayers, before the Internal Revenue Service.

Sounds simple, but....

To become an enrolled agent, I had to pass all three sections of the Special Enrollment Exam (SEE).  This included registering and paying a fee to Prometric for each section, traveling to one of only 3 locations in WA state, being ID checked and fingerprinted, and then take the test in a secure room with nothing but the clothes I was wearing (they checked my socks too).

After passing the all three sections the first try, I applied to the IRS, paid another fee, and submitted my fingerprints for an FBI background check. They also performed a review of my personal taxes.

After waiting several months, I was accepted as an Enrolled Agent.

Still not impressed?  Oh yeah...

To obtain the knowledge to take the test, I took tax classes at Olympic College and City University, worked as a tax preparer for eight years and studied on my own; then paid $650 for an EA prep course and studied for six months to prepare.

Ongoing, I'm required by the IRS to complete a minimum of 72 hours of continuing professional education each three year enrollment cycle,  plus 2 hours per year of professional ethics.

Currently, I have completed over 2300 hours of tax and accounting education, not including formal (college) education or work experience.